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Internship Program Research

You’ve decided to do an internship, congratulations!  Maybe you’re a senior student or maybe you’re out in practice and want to do a residency.  The applications for most internships are administered through the VIRMP (although some equine practice internships are through the AAEP).  I’ve talked before about HOW to select an internship.  But with hundreds

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Being the Internal Candidate

When faculty positions come open, sometimes there is someone already doing the job in a temporary capacity.  Sometimes there is a resident finishing who would be qualified to fill it.  The internal candidate is someone whom the people at the institution already know and have worked with in a capacity similar to the open position.

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How to Be Successful: Follow Through

The original idea for this post was “don’t commit to something you won’t be able to do,” but that is proscriptive and I am aiming more for productive on this site.  The sentiment stands, though.  I see this time and again with students and interns who start research projects (with me or someone else).  It’s

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