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Going Back to School

Well, here we are, going back to school in the midst of a contagious, virulent, very bad pandemic. Just as cases are going up, thousands of students will be interacting with people inside spaces. I don’t know if that’s necessarily bad, but I understand it can be anxiety-inducing. I think my single piece of advice

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How to Do a Professional Scientific Paper Peer Review

I review a lot of research paper submissions.  I enjoy it because I feel like I have some expertise to contribute and I feel I can help make submissions better.  The peer-review system is an integral pillar of the research estate.  It is one check of many to prevent bad research from being published.  Realistically,

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How to Choose a Specialty

I am often surprised by the specialties that people pursue, and how contented they are once they make their choice.  One faculty I know is a hard-core researcher, but started out life just helping to do research here-and-there.  Twenty years later, he’s a research professor without a PhD.  You would think it would be a

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Will They Pull a Faculty Position Offer?

For anyone applying for a faculty position, this is probably the nightmare scenario: you interviewed, you like the position, they liked you, they offer you the position, you begin negotiating, and then they pull the offer. What the hell just happened? This topic is difficult for me to discuss because it is so thoroughly beyond-the-pale

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You Can Live a Lavish Life on an Academic Salary

One of the most common complaints I hear about academia is that the salary is lower than private practice, sometimes substantially lower. While this is factually correct, I have never understood this argument. Most academic specialists make at least $100k a year, sometimes quite a bit more, which is way more than you need. Then

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How to be Successful: Being an Introvert in an Extrovert World

According to Susan Cain in her book “Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking,” before the turn of the 20th century, our country had a culture of character. You were trusted and people did business with you on the basis of your integrity. Around the turn of the century, though,

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Guidelines for the Best Faculty CV

Even if you have experience writing a CV for vet school, internship, residency, or grad school, you can always improve your CV-writing skills.  I see CVs from applicants all the time and think, “Who advised you to do it like this?” There aren’t many rules when it comes to faculty CVs, but you can make

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Mistakes to Avoid in Your Application Letter

There’s no “right” way to write a letter of intent.  Applicant evaluators are so widely varied, you can’t possibly write the ideal letter unless you happen to A) know the evaluators and B) apply to only one institution.  Fortunately, there are some “wrong” ways to write a letter of intent. Let’s try to avoid them.

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The need for this blog

This blog will be about employment and professional progression in academic veterinary medicine. From undergrads applying to vet school, veterinary students applying to internship, residency applicants, and faculty applicants. We will talk about cover letters, CVs, interviews, how to strategize to position yourself for the next step, who to talk to and when, and all other things related to the business of veterinary academia.