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Don’t Send a Weird Application

Once again, I wish I didn’t have to write this post.  But I have seen these applications, so, evidently, people believe they are a good idea.  So here it is: Don’t do anything weird in your application. What constitutes “weird”?  This encompasses a broad range of… let’s call them “unique” decisions.  Below are some examples.

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The How to Identify a Bad Position Series

This series was inspired by people asking me how they could identify a bad vet school.  Over the past 20 years, I have had numerous people ask me about identifying bad internships.  When I advise those applying for residencies, we talk about identifying potentially problematic programs.  And I am blessed with having worked at institutions

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Why Reading this Blog is not Cheating

I was interviewing at a university recently and someone brought up the study we did looking at internship letters of intent.  They said, “Aren’t you just telling them how to write a good letter? Won’t it be formulaic? There won’t be any difference between candidates.  They can just read the study and ape what others

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Podcast Episode #4 – Dr. Coretta Patterson

Dr. Patterson was the Associate Dean of Students at a large state school and at a small private veterinary medical school. She was also my direct supervisor and a great person for whom to work. She provides a compassionate, helpful perspective for you to consider as you pursue your veterinary career.

The Timeline for Residency Starts in Vet School

When should you start preparing to apply for a residency?  When in the year do you need to have different steps completed?  How can you use your time most efficiently to maximize your chances of success?  I want to address all of these questions and more, so let’s dive in! A theme that comes up

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