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How to Interview Potential Research Mentors

I know what you’re thinking, “Mentors interview ME, not the other way around!”  Well I have something important to tell you: all interviews are two-way streets.  You need to show yourself off AND make sure that your potential mentor would be a good fit for you.  I believe most students ‘fail’ in their research projects

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Navigating Interview Lunches and Dinners

When going to an interview, often there will be a period where you go to lunch and/or dinner with people at the institution.  Sharing a meal is a powerful point of connection for people, so this is often an important component of the interview. Unfortunately, it adds another layer of social dynamics which have to

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Why Reading this Blog is not Cheating

I was interviewing at a university recently and someone brought up the study we did looking at internship letters of intent.  They said, “Aren’t you just telling them how to write a good letter? Won’t it be formulaic? There won’t be any difference between candidates.  They can just read the study and ape what others

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Podcast Episode #4 – Dr. Coretta Patterson

Dr. Patterson was the Associate Dean of Students at a large state school and at a small private veterinary medical school. She was also my direct supervisor and a great person for whom to work. She provides a compassionate, helpful perspective for you to consider as you pursue your veterinary career.

The Faculty Interview Presentation

This is it, the Big One.  Probably the most important hour you spend during your interview, possibly the single most important determinant of you getting a job as a faculty member.  The letter of application and CV just get you in the door and your references just prove you’re not a monster. The decision to

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What Questions Will They Ask During My Faculty Interview?

In contrast with vet school interviews, where the questions can be all over the place, the questions for faculty interviews are usually pretty similar.  Here are the important ones I can think of. “Why do you want to work here?”  This is almost always asked during an interview, often repeatedly by a variety of people. 

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What Questions Will They Ask in My Vet School Interview?

I have been reluctant to write this post for a while.  Not because I feel like discussing interview questions is cheating.  As we have covered before, preparation is expected for an interview- if you don’t research and prepare, you are shooting yourself in the foot.   I think my reluctance centers around two issues:  There are

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