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The Key to Motivation

I have a hard time understanding people who have no motivation to do anything meaningful.  I understand lacking motivation sometimes. I have an email in my inbox right now about a research paper I’ve been working on for years.  One of my collaborators reviewed it and suggested a ton of (very constructive) changes. But now

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Deciding if you are a Good Fit for Research

If you’re an undergrad interested in vet school, or a vet student interested in post-graduate education, research may be an important part of your educational experience.  Sadly, I would say about 50% of students with whom I talk indicate they had a terrible experience with research. Not just a not-positive experience, an actively bad experience. 

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How to be Successful: Kaizen

I spent a tremendous amount of time preparing for my interview for a department chair position at a small private not-for-profit university. My talk was about the psychology of motivation, as I believe that is a core principle to understand when leading people. I focused on Self-Determination Theory, which states that people are internally motivated

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