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Making the Best Intern/Resident CV

The curriculum vitae is not hard to do well, and it performs an enormous job.  It has to be organized, clear, detailed, and help create a narrative of what you have done.  There is no one right way to do a CV, but here are some guidelines which will help. There is no page limit.

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Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes on your Vet School Application

There’s a lot of moving parts when applying for vet school. You have to get different prereqs for different schools, you have to take the GRE, you have to go through the VMCAS process, and you have to get your VMCAS essays, experiences, and letters of recommendation all put together. It’s understandable you may make

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How to do Video Interviews Properly

Conducting a video interview with someone who has clearly not prepared for such is one of the most painful professional experiences I have.  It instantly makes me cringe. The whole time I wish I could tell them, “Can you just do this? And this? And this? It will be SO much better, believe me!”  I

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Creating Compelling Residency Application Letters

Competition for residencies is fierce. So many variables are out of your control- do they have a candidate in mind already? Do they know your mentors and references? Do they have some crazy GPA/Class Rank cutoff? Fortunately, one of the things in your control is your letter of intent. You need to make it excellent.

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Choosing an Academic Job over Private Practice after your Residency

I have an obvious pro-academia bias. Because of that, I am frankly sometimes confused as to why people would choose private practice. Most clinical faculty members spend 40-70% of their time on clinics. I see this as getting paid to work only 5-8 months a year. How can working a full 12-month job in private

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Should You Take a Break Before an Internship?

Many times, new graduates are on the fence about doing an internship versus going into private practice.  I have heard several say, “Well, maybe I will go into practice first, and then come back and do an internship.”  Although this is not impossible, it is very much the harder path. Internships and, to a lesser

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Writing a Good Internship Letter

This is a specialized version of a post I have about general application letter writing advice, aimed at intern applicants. It may be impossible to describe a letter written by a highly-ranked internship applicant, but we will apply Justice Stewart’s test– I know it when I see it. Given the wide variability in internship evaluators,

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Make Your Faculty Application Letter Great

You’ve been through vet school, you’ve done post-graduate work (either a Ph.D. or an internship/residency), and now you are applying for a faculty job.  First, congratulations, this is one of the best, most rewarding jobs I can possibly imagine. Second, realize that this situation is entirely different from any you have encountered before. For vet

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The need for this blog

This blog will be about employment and professional progression in academic veterinary medicine. From undergrads applying to vet school, veterinary students applying to internship, residency applicants, and faculty applicants. We will talk about cover letters, CVs, interviews, how to strategize to position yourself for the next step, who to talk to and when, and all other things related to the business of veterinary academia.