The VIRMP Matching Program as a Foreign Graduate – The Very Basics

By Dr. Pedro Bento at VetMed Survival Guide This is a guest post by Dr. Bento, who writes at Veterinary Survival Guide to help those applying through the VIRMP.  There are a lot of great resources there.  I asked him to write about applying as a foreign applicant, because this is something I haven’t experienced

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An Introduction to the Veterinary Internship and Residency Match Program

The Veterinary Internship and Residency Match Program (VIRMP) is the mechanism by which the majority of programs identify applicants and applicants identify and apply to programs.  There are a lot of details and nuance in the system, but I want to introduce you to the most basic principles which are essential for you to be

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Six Steps to Win the Scramble

You applied through the match for an internship or residency- great job!  Now, 8am on match day has come and gone, and you are without a matched position.  You still want to do an internship or residency, and there are programs which did not fill all their positions.  What do you do now? Now you

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