About Me

I am a Professor of Anaesthesia with over 20 years’ experience in academia.  I love the academy and want to help others enter and succeed in it. My personal life mission statement is “I help people be better.”

I have personally experienced the progression from student to intern to resident to faculty member. I have been on the job market, have served on and chaired countless search and intern/resident selection committees, have been a hiring manager in my role as a Department Chair, have helped innumerable undergrads, vet students, interns, residents, and junior faculty get to their next step, and have published in peer-reviewed journals about post-graduate education.

I have always had an interest in the business of veterinary medicine, I stay up to date on current trends, I touch base with colleagues at other institutions to sound out the academic world.  I want to share this expertise with those of you who want to make your professional progression as excellent as possible. Please follow along, comment, email me, and work together to make things better.