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Writing a Good Internship Letter

This is a specialized version of a post I have about general application letter writing advice, aimed at intern applicants. It may be impossible to describe a letter written by a highly-ranked internship applicant, but we will apply Justice Stewart’s test– I know it when I see it. Given the wide variability in internship evaluators,

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Maximize Your Senior Year for Internship Success

What are your concerns in scheduling your senior year?  When you plan to take boards and what rotations to do before that.  When you want to take vacation and do job interviews. Have you thought about how scheduling your rotations may affect your intern application success?  Because it can, fairly dramatically. Remember what intern evaluators

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Mistakes to Avoid in Your Application Letter

There’s no “right” way to write a letter of intent.  Applicant evaluators are so widely varied, you can’t possibly write the ideal letter unless you happen to A) know the evaluators and B) apply to only one institution.  Fortunately, there are some “wrong” ways to write a letter of intent. Let’s try to avoid them.

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