Four Year Anniversary!

Well, the blog is going well even though, honestly, I haven’t been doing as much as I would like to do with it.  It looks like we’re reaching more people, which is fantastic.  I’ve had some positive emails from people who have gotten faculty positions and house officer positions who found the blog valuable.

I’m still mostly reaching pre-vet students through the Facebook APVMA group.  There’s no centralized house officer group to reach out to, unfortunately.

I have lots of ideas and think there’s still more advice to give.  I would love to write several “Complete Guide” posts which summarize everything for people applying to vet school, internships, residencies, and faculty positions.  I only got 14 posts in this year, which is definitely not enough to keep traffic continuing to flow.  I thought I was posting less because I wasn’t flying as much, and I originally wrote the blog when flying.  But I’ve done several long trips lately and still nothing.  

I’m not sure why.  Maybe it feels a bit more like work than fun, and I feel all my best advice is already out there.  Here’s to hoping this next year brings some fresh inspiration and enthusiasm to this endeavor!

Thank you all for reading and if any of you would like to contribute a Guest Post, please let me know!

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