How to Be Successful: Be Optimistic

I started reading a blog called Mr. Money Mustache in 2018.  To say it changed my life is an understatement, but one of the things I like most about it is his near-compulsive optimism.  It’s inspiring, it’s infectious, and it’s clearly led him to success.  Once I started to think about it and look around, I noticed that the most successful people I know are optimistic.  So I will pass this advice on to you: be optimistic.

Optimism is inspiring.  Which leader do you want to follow: the one who says they will make things better, or the one who speaks doom and gloom?  Sure, fear sells, but not as well as hope. I want to follow the leader who gives hope and optimism.

Optimism is infectious.  Fear and doom and gloom are infectious, too.  But, again, which would you rather surround yourself with?  If you are optimistic, you can share that with others and boost the whole mood of any group with which you work.  If you are positive and excited, that will spread and make everything better.

Optimism makes you feel better.  This is obviously mental, but mental health and positive mental attitude can translate into better physical health.  You can’t imagine away your depression or a broken bone, but your mind is powerful. Just look at the placebo effect.  If I could ask my doctor to give me a placebo without me knowing it, that would be fantastic. Your mind shapes your reality.

Optimism will help you stand out.  I don’t want you to aim for +1- always aim for zero.  But if you aim for zero while being optimistic, you will be perceived as a positive influence.  These are the people I want to work with and work for. You will make a better impression, make strong personal connections, and propel your career towards more success.

I used to be fairly cynical.  I was very much a glass-is-half-empty sort of person.  I guess I was fine to be around- I had friends and everything.  But I was generally morose. After changing my perspective to be more positive and optimistic, I still have friends, but I am generally upbeat.  Trust me, it’s a much better way to live, and I think people like working with me more now than then.

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