M&M Rounds Series

One of my favorite blogs, the White Coat Investor, did Morbidity and Mortality rounds for one reader’s finances.  I think it’s a neat way to process information and present it to you in a format familiar to veterinary medicine.  For those who don’t know, in medicine we do M&M rounds when something goes wrong.  Usually, it involves presentation of the facts of the case, and then a discussion about what led to the adverse outcome.  The audience will usually contribute- sometimes helpfully, sometimes not.  

At the end of the day, hopefully everyone learns something and changes can be put into place to minimize the likelihood of the same adverse outcome happening again.  You can’t do much about things after they’ve happened- they are in the past and outside your circle of control.  BUT, you can learn from them and improve your decision-making next time you are faced with something similar.  Below are the Problems you might have encountered in veterinary medicine which we will go over in this series.

Were not raised to be an RFHB.

Received an F in an undergrad class.

Have multiple Withdrawal grades on transcript.

Matriculated at an expensive vet school.

Not matched for an internship.

Not matched for a residency.

Did not pursue an internship after graduation.

Did not get the right letters of recommendation.

Started a job that turned out to be a poor match.

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