On-Campus Writing/Career Services

Most universities offer a centralized writing assistance service as well as a career assistance service.  The writing service often helps students with class assignments, but can also be used to help with letters of intent and essays for vet school.  The career assistance can help with CVs and applying for positions such as unpaid experiences (“internships” before you get into vet school).  Usually these services are free.  I think you should absolutely take advantage of them, with a few considerations.

You must plan.  For a letter of intent or essay, you first have to write it.  Once you’ve done that, then you can schedule an appointment to have it reviewed.  Listen to the advice you are given, but you don’t need to follow it.  As with all advice, you should solicit multiple sources of feedback and incorporate what you like and ignore what you don’t like.

For a CV review, you should definitely take any advice with a grain of salt.  Curricula vitae in medicine are VERY different from resumes in other fields.  The most striking differences are that you can have more than one page with a CV (in fact, as many as you want) and there is no need for job descriptions to be included.  Nonetheless, these people have seen hundreds of CVs and can provide some useful guidance about formatting, content, organization, etc.

The on-campus people have seen a LOT of material and can be very valuable in some ways.  BUT, you need to consider any advice you get in the context of veterinary medicine, with which they probably don’t have much experience.  As always, solicit feedback from your mentors.  But the on campus resources may be very helpful.  And they’re free, why NOT reach out to them?

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