One Year Anniversary!

Steady progression over the past 9 months!

A year ago, March 2019, I launched The Vetducator blog. Let’s take a look at what we’ve done in the last 12 months.

I love statistics. Numbers are so wonderfully illuminating. When I am running statistical analyses, I am in my ‘flow’ state and time just drifts by. So, the numbers first!

Visitors: 28,209

Visits: 84,979

Posts: 118

Comments: 32

Podcast Episodes: 9

Paid clients: 4

The numbers are wonderful, particularly the number of visitors and visits. I am so grateful that people are reading and, hopefully, learning. I would like to spread the message and information even more broadly, so welcome suggestions on how to reach the intern/resident-bound population. Maybe in a few more years, once the students I have advised are graduating, they will come back and read the topics on internship/residency applications.

I continue to enjoy thinking up ideas and writing posts. As of this post, I have posts pre-scheduled through June 2020, have 28 written which need to be loaded into posts, and ideas for 108 more topics. WordPress continues to tell me my posts aren’t ‘optimized’ for readability. And I know blog posts 2000-3000 words are statistically better reads than my short posts, but I like keeping things simple and know the time of my readers is incredibly valuable.

What I’ve learned this year is that those interested in getting in to vet school are the most easy-to-access demographic and possibly the most passionate. I imagine those who want a residency are also passionate, but are hard to reach. I’ve also learned that it can be challenging to find good podcast guests.

This coming year, I plan to continue to post twice a week- Monday and Thursday. I am considering doing a second podcast series, maybe focused specifically for those interested in getting in to vet school. And I’d like to do more guest posting, but there aren’t a lot of people doing anything similar to what I’m doing in veterinary medicine.

Thank you for reading and participating, and I hope you keep coming back for quality content this year!

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