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Do You Want to do a Specialty Internship?

The internship is a one-year experience. Typically, after vet school, one does a rotating internship, where you get a wide variety of experience in medical and surgical cases. More and more specialty internships are coming about. These are also one year long, and are focused on a specific discipline, such as anesthesia, cardiology, internal medicine,

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What Can you Negotiate For in a Faculty Position?

Well, you’ve made it! You got an offer for an academic position. You have said yes, they are excited you are coming, and all that is left is hammering out the details. It is always possible things will fall apart during this process, but remember: everyone wants this to work out. No department chair wants

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Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes on your Vet School Application

There’s a lot of moving parts when applying for vet school. You have to get different prereqs for different schools, you have to take the GRE, you have to go through the VMCAS process, and you have to get your VMCAS essays, experiences, and letters of recommendation all put together. It’s understandable you may make

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Should You Take a Break Before an Internship?

Many times, new graduates are on the fence about doing an internship versus going into private practice.  I have heard several say, “Well, maybe I will go into practice first, and then come back and do an internship.”  Although this is not impossible, it is very much the harder path. Internships and, to a lesser

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The All-Star Vet School VMCAS Essays

Applying to vet school is exciting and intimidating.  For many, it’s the culmination of years of focus and enthusiasm.  It’s a high-stakes application, with an applicant:seat ratio of between 1.6 and 2, indicating that there are at least 1.6 applicants per available position in veterinary schools.  Your strategy to apply to vet school may be

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Maximize Your Senior Year for Internship Success

What are your concerns in scheduling your senior year?  When you plan to take boards and what rotations to do before that.  When you want to take vacation and do job interviews. Have you thought about how scheduling your rotations may affect your intern application success?  Because it can, fairly dramatically. Remember what intern evaluators

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Guidelines for the Best Faculty CV

Even if you have experience writing a CV for vet school, internship, residency, or grad school, you can always improve your CV-writing skills.  I see CVs from applicants all the time and think, “Who advised you to do it like this?” There aren’t many rules when it comes to faculty CVs, but you can make

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How to Nail the Vet School Interview

Veterinary schools engage in interviews to varying degrees. Some go back and forth on doing them or not. There is not particularly compelling evidence that interviews improve the selection process, but it’s hard to let go of them. It SEEMS like sitting down talking with someone should help us determine if they will be successful

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The need for this blog

This blog will be about employment and professional progression in academic veterinary medicine. From undergrads applying to vet school, veterinary students applying to internship, residency applicants, and faculty applicants. We will talk about cover letters, CVs, interviews, how to strategize to position yourself for the next step, who to talk to and when, and all other things related to the business of veterinary academia.