Red Flags Series

I’ve written a lot about what evaluators look for in candidates and what I look for in particular.  Some people have asked me what I see as a red flag- an indication in an application or during an interview that I would definitely not want this person to move into the position.

I think these differ among evaluators pretty substantially.  There are some people who have gotten residencies about whom I think, “Really?  This person?”  But obviously the ones making the decisions thought they were a good candidate when I did not.

I will try to make it clear for red flags that I think MOST people would find problematic and ones which I personally would find problematic.  I’ll divide these into applicants for vet school, internship/residency, and faculty positions over the next two weeks. 

I’ve also added red flags to look for when you are evaluating positions. I’ve divided these into vet school, internship, residency, and faculty positions. Enjoy!

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    Very timely article. I look forward to reading red flags of faculty positions!

    • - Post author

      I will do my best, and certainly ask if you have any particulars that you have noticed!

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