Podcast: The Vetducator

Podcast Episode #13: Dr. Katherine Fogelberg

Dr. Fogelberg is an education expert AND a veterinarian, a small but slowly expanding cohort of experts in academia. I met her through the Southeast Veterinary Education Consortium and we have been working on a research project together for about a year. Listen and learn more about this intriguing new combination of expert education and

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Podcast Episode #12: Dr. Pedro Bento

Dr. Bento is the author of the Vetmed Survival Guide, a blog dedicated to helping those interested in pursuing internships and residencies. He’s also written a helpful guidebook for the same, which I encourage you to check out! He provides us with his extensive expertise in advising people who want to pursue an internship and

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Podcast Episode #10 – Dr. Jordan Nickell

I met Dr. Nickell when he interviewed for a job at an institution where I worked. Later, he and I worked at the same university and got along very well. He has since moved on to private practice, and will provide perspective on the balance between academia and private practice and provide insight on anesthesia

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