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Stop Using “Utilize”

This is going to be another short, PSA-style blog post.  It’s right there in the title.  Don’t use ‘utilize’.  Just excise it entirely from your writing.  It’s never necessary.  People use ‘utilize’ because they think it sounds more official and cooler than ‘use’.  It doesn’t and it isn’t.  It’s just distracting. Technically, utilize is used

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Please Use Commas

I was reading some residency application letters and my head was almost exploding. Everyone has their “thing,” and maybe I have more than most, but I am passionate about appropriate comma placement. I wouldn’t sink an application for poor comma use, but it just grates on me, and why would you want to irritate the

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How to be Well Spoken in an Application Letter

How can you demonstrate you are an effective communicator in a single page in a letter of intent?  We’ve covered mistakes to avoid as well as a general structure for application letters. Now we need to progress on to the kinds of detailed feedback I often give letter writers. Make an outline.  You may not

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