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Internship Letter Mistakes

This is a specialized version of a post I have about general application letter writing advice, aimed at intern applicants. Writing an internship application letter is hard.  I’m sorry. Intern applicant evaluators are so widely varied, you can’t possibly write the ideal letter unless you happen to A) know the evaluators and B) apply to

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Avoiding the Most Common Mistakes on your Vet School Application

There’s a lot of moving parts when applying for vet school. You have to get different prereqs for different schools, you have to take the GRE, you have to go through the VMCAS process, and you have to get your VMCAS essays, experiences, and letters of recommendation all put together. It’s understandable you may make

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How to do Video Interviews Properly

Conducting a video interview with someone who has clearly not prepared for such is one of the most painful professional experiences I have.  It instantly makes me cringe. The whole time I wish I could tell them, “Can you just do this? And this? And this? It will be SO much better, believe me!”  I

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