Three Year Anniversary!

Some pretty good improvement in the past year! It looks like the search engines are sending people this way when they look for advice on applications, which is terrific.

Three years ago, March 2019, I launched The Vetducator blog. A lot of blogs fold within a year or two, but I’m still writing and enthusiastic to support and expand the blog!

I love statistics. Numbers are so wonderfully illuminating. When I am running statistical analyses, I am in my ‘flow’ state and time just drifts by. So, the numbers first!

Visitors: 51,600 (compared with last year’s 17,622)

Visits: 132,568 (compare last year’s 51,857)

Posts: 251

Comments: 72

Podcast Episodes: 13

Definitely some growth, particularly in number of posts, even though I scaled back from my twice-a-week posting I did in the first year. That first year I definitely felt like I had a lot of content to get Out There which no one had written about. I still have plenty of topics- I’ve got 110 ideas in my inspiration file- but most of the absolutely core essential information I have already published.

It looks like the most popular posts are about the VIRMP. My Circle of Control post is #6 in popularity, which is great! I wish I had gotten that advice when growing up- it would have made life so much simpler.

I’m not going to commit to posting a certain amount this year, but I would like to do at least 1-2 posts a month. I would love to do more podcast interviews, I just need guests! I’ll continue to be active in the APVMA Facebook group and reach out to students that I know. Hopefully the word of mouth will continue to grow and intern and resident and faculty applicants will find their way here, too! Thank you for reading and I hope you have learned something by visiting.

2 comments on “Three Year Anniversary!

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    I send pretty much every student I talk to about Match a link to your blog! Particularly to the Aim for Zero post, which I love- I feel like that advice is so good, and it gets lost in the more common chorus of “try to stand out/be memorable”.

    • - Post author

      Wow, thank you so much! I’m glad it’s a useful resource. Yes the Aim for Zero is such an important concept. So many people mess that up and sink their career.

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