Two Year Anniversary!

Not much different from last year to be honest.

Two years ago, March 2019, I launched The Vetducator blog. Let’s take a look at what we’ve done in the last 24 months, similar to what we did last year!

I love statistics. Numbers are so wonderfully illuminating. When I am running statistical analyses, I am in my ‘flow’ state and time just drifts by. So, the numbers first!

Visitors: 17,622

Visits: 51,857

Posts: 100

Comments: 37

Podcast Episodes: 3

Paid clients: 9

The numbers are good, but I had a site reset back in April which wiped all the statistics before that. I am grateful that people are reading and, hopefully, learning. I would like to spread the message and information even more broadly, so welcome suggestions on how to reach the intern/resident-bound population. Maybe in a few more years, once the students I have advised are graduating, they will come back and read the topics on internship/residency applications.

I continue to enjoy thinking up ideas and writing posts. I’m not doing as good a job having posts loaded up ahead of time- I’m usually only 1-2 weeks ahead as other pursuits have taken my free time. I have 12 posts written which need to be loaded into posts, and ideas for 106 more topics. WordPress continues to tell me my posts aren’t ‘optimized’ for readability. And I know blog posts 2000-3000 words are statistically better reads than my short posts, but I like keeping things simple and know the time of my readers is incredibly valuable.

What I’ve learned this year is that people are seeking resources to help their applications and they have found value in my services. The reviews have been generally positive. Some examples:

“Yes, the template worked beautifully, I ended up with some very strong recommendation letters!”

“I am really happy with how this has turned out. It’s really formed into something I am proud to put out. I have made some adjustments and am sending for one final review.”

“Thank you for getting back to me so quickly on these! I really appreciate and agree with the feedback.”

This coming year, I might scale back to posting once a week. I wasn’t as productive with the blog during the pandemic as I rediscovered an old fun hobby which is taking more of my creative time. And I feel less compulsion to get the information Out There, now that I have the most essential pieces of advice posted. But, of course, maintaining good content is critical to blog success, so I feel compelled to continue to write and post.

Thank you for reading and participating, and I hope you keep coming back for quality content this year!

2 comments on “Two Year Anniversary!

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    Nice numbers! I applaud your consistency – it’s very difficult to stay the course with so many things pulling us in different directions. And COVID certainly didn’t make it any better! Hope the 3rd yr is even better!

    • - Post author

      Thank you! Yes the pandemic definitely hindered things. I’ve realized that I do a lot of writing when I travel. With no travel, I’ve had to be a lot more deliberate about writing on the weekends.

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